Heather Kerley studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design before earning degrees in literature and gender studies. She has exhibited her work in New York City and the Washington D.C. area and was a 2011 visiting artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. From 2012-2019, she lived in Ramstein, Germany where she collaborated with German artists and continued to produce and show work. Currently, she lives in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Since 2015, her immersive work has focused on mixed media abstract collages and paintings created through a process of destruction and remixing of marks, gestures, lines, colors, and values. The inspiration for her marks come from nature and her own interior landscape. Titles and embellishments often reflect passing thoughts and concerns related to the outside world as experienced through technology, as well as literary influences.   

Her ongoing “Dancing with the Devil” fiber art project is an exploration of the media cycle in the charged political atmosphere since the US election in 2016. These fiber art pieces focus on repeated phrases and online obsessions (including her own news-junky and social media addictions) and the churned-up, wrung-out feeling of fatigue many Americans feel at the moment.